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The growth of high quality thin films of semiconductor materials is critical to research ranging from fundamental physics to the understanding of electronic devices including transistors, lasers, photodetectors, and advanced solar cells. Through a National Science Foundation award from the Major Research Instrumentation program, the University of Delaware has acquired a molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) system to permit the growth of high-quality materials for these and other applications. This system serves as the centerpiece of a user facility to allow researchers from around the country to grow materials to support their research programs in physics, electrical engineering, materials science and engineering, chemistry, and other fields, providing a regional and national impact to this acquisition.
UD Nanofabrication Facility

Latest Research

It is through publication that research, including its scientific and practical contributions, is disseminated. The Materials Growth Facility community have been highlighted in the following publications:


Y. Wang, J. Bork, S. Law, and J. Zide. Improved epitaxial growth of TbAs film on III–V semiconductors. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A, 38, 033405 (2020).

T. Ginley, Y. Zhang, C. Ni, and S. Law. Epitaxial growth of Bi2Se3 in the (0015) orientation on GaAs (001). Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A, 38, 023404 (2020).

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